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a flying batI am obligated to warn you- this page is for open minded individual only! There will be no pornography or any illegal action under this page. You are more than welcome to leave as I have no eternity to debate over the existence of vampires. For those parents who don't want their children to enter sites such as this one: click!. Children are only supposed to be online under parents' supervision. Learn what your kids are doing online and communicate with them is the best solution!

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Maybe you don't recognize the existence of vampires. Maybe you insist- there is no such thing. I know that I can't prove you wrong. However, I do know one thing- you can't have explanation for everything! Not being able to find vampires doesn't mean that there are no vampires. My suggestion to deal with issues such as vampire is to keep an open mind and look at things from different angles..... You will be surprised. Give yourself a chance. There are lots of other dimensions to our world waiting to be explored..... It is in your power to learn and see what others have to say.

Although some people have certain romantic notion about the immortality of vampire, this acceptance is only conditional. A real-life vampire is still outcast of our world. Maybe they choose to stay under the shadow..... Maybe they are forced to hide in the dark..... Finally till recent years, real life vampires can safely build up the connexion with others in this cyber space. Since the use of internet is growing, an online vampire subculture is getting stronger as well. Various vampire communities are established under this unique culture. Other than the real vampire kinds, die hard vampire fans also choose to live in a vampiric life style. Even knowledge seekers are increasing in vampire circles. This is the time for us to learn and make the connexion.... Since you are serious and sincere to vampire communities, you are one of the vampiric people in my consideration. This site is for you!

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